About: Me

Egyptian born, California bred, fashion obsessed, and wonderfully inspired by cultures all over the world. Living within one culture and choosing to honor the traditions of another is a challenge and a blessing. I wear my wrap like I wear my soul, boldly expressing the global experiences I've been lucky enough to fill my life with. Fashion is a visible, wearable statement of who you are. Rock it proudly.


About: AboutThatWrap

Based out of L.A., AboutThatWrap is a subscription service meets style guide, embodying culture, fashion and modesty, customized just for you. Whether it's a special occasion, a wardrobe upgrade or simply a way to spoil yourself, AboutThatWrap has you covered.

AboutThatWrap's mission is to prove you can have it all, a modest yet stylish, sophisticated yet playful, classic yet trendy look, each and every day. Fashion is an art form - let ATW give your inner artist the tools to wow with wearable statements inspired by your most creative, risky and beautiful self.

What They Sayin' About Us

"AboutThatWrap wants to inspire others who wish to dress modestly...She is a well travelled mixed baby and expresses her international background through her fashion which she sees as an art form".

The Fime Magazine

"ATW represents a brand you want to affiliate yourself with. ATW translates modesty as a way to create a style that is bold and unique".


"As the youngest of four super stylish sisters we knew she was destined to be a fashionista. When she finally started her blog AboutThatWrap we were so excited to have a place to view her outfits that are sassy, fun and whimsical".